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Wrong Eric Weddle inundated with tweets upon NFL star’s release

Eric Weddle was surprisingly released by the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday, and perhaps no one was more impacted by the move — except the 12-year veteran safety — than the wrong Eric Weddle.

In yet another case of social media-based mistaken identity that often plagues people who share the same name as a celebrity or sports star, a man named Eric Weddle — not the former Ravens star — was inundated with tweets about Tuesday’s stunning development.

The non-NFL-playing Weddle is an education journalist for WFYI, a National Public Radio affiliate in Indianapolis, Ind., and his Twitter handle @ericweddle left many fans tagging him in tweets about the NFL star’s release.

WFYI’s Weddle told ESPN that the release of the player who shares his name left his phone buzzing nonstop for about 10 minutes. Over 200 tweets were sent his way, including three interview requests, in the aftermath of Tuesday’s roster move by the Ravens.

Weddle had a lot of fun with the situation, responding to several comments and inquiries. Later Tuesday evening, Weddle announced he was turning off notifications and that he would be back to sharing his award-winning reporting on Twitter on Wednesday.

The shenanigans were not quite done, though, as Weddle on Wednesday morning posted a tweet of a Photoshopped image featuring his face inside a Ravens helmet.

The most amusing part of all the confusion? Weddle — who may or may not share a love of ice cream with the other Weddle — doesn’t even follow the NFL.

“I am not a football or NFL fan at all,” Weddle told ESPN. “I think I’ve been to one NFL game — Buffalo Bills — when I lived by their stadium for a brief spell in high school. I don’t follow any college or professional sports.”