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Former Cavs teammates believe LeBron can still lead Lakers to playoffs

Despite facing insurmountable odds, some of LeBron James’ former Cleveland Cavaliers teammates won’t rule out the superstar somehow leading the Los Angeles Lakers to a postseason berth.

The disappointing 113-105 setback to the Clippers Monday night was the Lakers’ third straight loss. Heading into Wednesday’s showdown with the similarly struggling Denver Nuggets, the Lakers have now dropped dropped seven of 10 games, leaving the Lakers 11th in the Western Conference and 5.5 games behind the eighth-seeded San Antonio Spurs.

Making matters even worse, the Lakers are a 2-5 since James announced he was activating “playoff mode.” Since James returned after missing 18 games earlier in the season with a groin injury, the Lakers have posted an abysmal 4-9 record.

Basketball Reference is giving the Lakers only a minuscule 0.1 percent chance of cracking the top-eight in the West to qualify for the playoffs.

Despite those absurdly long odds, Channing Frye nevertheless believes that James can lead the Lakers to the playoff promised land.

“I don’t care if there was one game left and LeBron had to win two,” Frye told Bleacher Report. “I’d still wait until the last second to doubt him.”

Frye argues he has seen far too much of James’ heroics to ever doubt his former teammate.

“Listen, no one gave us an effing inkling when we were down 3-1 or when we were fourth in the East,” Frye said, referring to the 2016 NBA Finals and the Cavs’ regular-season finish a year ago. “Then something happens when it’s crunch time, and [LeBron] just steps to another level. I’m not doubting him or that team.”

Kevin Love also appeared to make note of how James led the Cavaliers back from a 3-1 deficit in the 2016 Finals to upend the Warriors to win the title.

“We’ve seen in the past anything can happen,” Love said.

While James’ former teammates having faith in him to overcome the longest of odds is a nice compliment, it lacks objectivity. There is virtually no way the Lakers will reach the postseason amid a downward spiral that is sure to cost Luke Walton his job, among other potential big changes likely headed L.A.’s way.