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Charles Barkley: Kyrie Irving among the ‘most miserable people I’ve ever seen’

Kyrie Irving has been at the center of firestorm this week, and Charles Barkley believes the recent antics from the Boston Celtics superstar suggest he does not have the sunniest of dispositions.

The outspoken NBA on TNT analyst — who has targeted Irving on multiple occasions in the past — was making an appearance Wednesday morning on ESPN when he opined that Irving ” has to be one of the most miserable people I’ve ever seen.”

While Barkley’s observation certainly ups the hyperbole quotient, there certainly have been signs of late that Irving is not all that happy at the moment.

The Celtics surprisingly have navigated a tumultuous season and Irving clearly has had enough, saying last week he cannot wait for the postseason so all the “BS” can be finished.

Amid the up-and-down Celtics season, Irving has been targeting the media of late in rants. On Monday, he argued that “the media has just gotten outrageous,” which followed a screed last month during which he suggested that “the media has broken up locker rooms.”

Then, after a much-needed blowout road win Tuesday over the Golden State, Irving declined to say much about the Warriors, dubiously arguing he preferred to avoid being “a headline,” among other interesting comments.

Irving has always been one of the NBA’s most eccentric personalities, to say the least, but things seem to have taken a turn over the course of this season.

While Irving may not be among “the most miserable people” on the planet, as Barkley suggests, something has clearly changed with the enigmatic superstar.