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Kevin Love reacts to Kyrie Irving’s media rant, notes LeBron lesson

Kyrie Irving’s contentious relationship with the media continues to degrade, and Kevin Love has reacted to the Boston Celtics star’s recent anti-media rants by relaying a lesson learned from LeBron James.

Irving argued Monday that “the media has just gotten outrageous,” which followed a screed last month during which he suggested that “the media has broken up locker rooms.”

Love tends to disagree with those sentiments. When expressing as much during a recent interview with The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd, Love shared a lesson he learned from James about locker-room solidarity amid media scrutiny.

“I’ll say this: This is something that I learned from Bron,” Love said. “It was a quick instance in the locker room. Something had come out and I hadn’t said it and hadn’t done anything or my words got taken out of context. I confronted him and said, ‘Just so you know …’ He said, ‘They aren’t dividing us. I know. I know.’ He’s 16 years in, this was like two to three years ago, that’s when I realized that so long as there is that trust and transparency, it shouldn’t divide a locker room. Because you can’t have so much noise. There’s only so many things you can think about in order to play your game. I think having a young locker room, even guys that are five years or less, having gone through it and being the Boston Celtics, being a team like that and Kyrie trying to be a main leader, that’s a tough thing to juggle. But that’s always been part of professional sports. It’s part of it. It’s just the way it is.”

Irving’s anti-media crusade involved some arguably dubious comments, including how he suggested he does not play basketball to “be a celebrity,” despite the fact he parlayed his evidently unwanted fame into a movie about his Uncle Drew alter ego.

It goes without saying that it’s been a tumultuous season for Irving and the Celtics. Blasting the media amid all the other issues conceivably is inspired by misplaced frustration, although the case can be made it’s not portraying Irving in the most flattering light.