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Former MLB GM: Phillies will sign Mike Trout in two years

The ink has barely dried on Bryce Harper’s 13-year, $330 million deal with the Phillies, but that has not stopped the baseball world from speculating that the record-breaking deal may only be the beginning of a Philadelphia baseball renaissance in the coming years.

Former MLB general manager Jim Bowden, who enjoyed stints with the Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals, is now part of the media. Currently a host on Sirius XM’s MLB Network Radio, Bowden predicted that Mike Trout will join Harper on the Phillies in two years.

Bowden suggests in his surprisingly confident prediction that Harper and Trout have been texting back and forth and that the latter joining the former in Philadelphia is practically all but assured.

“The way I view it, 10 years, 330 (million) would have been a good deal at 33 (million) a year. But 26 (million) a year is going to allow them to sign Mike Trout in two years,” Bowden said on Siriux XM radio, as transcribed by 94 WIP Sports Radio. “And they’re going to sign Trout by the way, in two years. Harper and Trout have been texting back and forth throughout this process. Harper reached out to Trout to ask him about the city of Philadelphia. Mike Trout and Harper are gonna be on this team in two years. Oh, just book it. Just get the cheesesteaks ready. You might as well start painting the billboards today because you are only two years away from that happening.”

The Phillies and Trout have long been linked as the 27-year-old is a native of Millville, N.J., which is only about an hour outside of Philadelphia.

While $330 million is a staggering amount of money, as Bowden notes, the terms of the deal do not necessarily hamper the Phillies’ potential pursuit of Trout.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Angels slugger had no interest in addressing his uncertain future this week at spring training.

With the news of the Harper signing reverberating throughout Major League Baseball, Trout was asked Friday about his situation, specifically concerning whether he’d like to begin work on a new contract with the Angels.

“With spring training you want to get ready for the season,” Trout said. “You don’t wanna worry about anything else.”