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Aaron Judge: ‘No regrets’ over ‘New York, New York’ Fenway fracas

Aaron Judge spawned a scandal steeped in the heated New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry last fall during the teams’ ALDS showdown, but the Bronx Bomber has “no regrets” over the controversy.

Judge spawned what was referred to as “New York, New York”-gate with his DJ decisions following the Yankees’ victory over the Red Sox in Game 2 of the ALDS.

The superstar slugger played the iconic Frank Sinatra ode to the Big Apple as the team headed to the bus to catch a flight back to New York for Game 3. The setup at Fenway meant people who typically are not privy to his postgame song choices heard the tune.

“That’s the funny thing,” Judge told the New York Post. “On getaway days, I play music if we win, every single time. But most of the time, nobody hears it, because there’s usually tunnels that we’re going through to the bus.

“And the only way to get out of Fenway is through the concourse. That’s the only place to play it.”

Not surprisingly, Judge’s decision to play the song, in Boston no less, was somehow perceived as a slight to the Red Sox.

The Yankees of course ended up getting more or less manhandled by the Red Sox in a 3-1 series loss, one that was highlighted by a 16-1 throttling at Yankee Stadium.

The Red Sox, evidently feeling disrespected by the song-based slight, turned the tables on the Yankees as the postseason progressed by playing “New York, New York” in their clubhouse at Yankee Stadium after closing out the ALDS.

The Red Sox trolled the Yankees one final time by playing the song after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. Judge claims he was not aware of the Red Sox’s antics until later in the postseason.

“I didn’t really know they [played it at the World Series]. It might have been later in the offseason [when I found out],” Judge said. “Someone either shared a video or something like that. But you just kind of laugh about it, to be honest. That’s all you really can do.”

Judge insists no disrespect was intended and that his song choice never has anything to with an opponent. That said, he’s not about to change his DJ habits anytime soon.

“That speaker will still be with me,” Judge said. “I’ll still be playing songs after we win on getaway days. Nothing will change.”