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LeBron James’ huddle antics Wednesday sure to be overanalyzed

LeBron James led the Los Angeles Lakers to a much-needed 125-119 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans Wednesday night at Staples Center, but there’s a decent chance that the narrative instead will focus on an arguably meaningless event early on in the game.

Late in the first quarter, the Lakers huddled up around Luke Walton as the head coach started drawing up a play. As they are wont to do, inquiring minds on social media noticed that James did not appear fully engaged, seemingly uninterested in heeding his head coach’s instructions.

The prevailing interpretation — or perhaps conspiracy theory — was that James was not giving due respect to Walton by turning away from the huddle.

Of course, there are arguably myriad reasons why James happened to be somewhat uninvolved in the huddle at that exact moment.

A previous report that suggested Walton does not even call plays when James is running the show on offense only lends legitimacy to the dubious notion that the superstar is shading his head coach.

Add that to how James’ camp is said to desire a switch from the embattled Walton — despite the coach’s insistence he and James get along just fine — and it is hardly a surprise such speculation emerges whenever such an incident arises.

After all, everything James says or does seems to be parsed, examined, analyzed and then examined again in an effort to learn something about his intent and/or mindset.

Such armchair over-analysis arguably is to be expected to some extent given James is the best basketball player on the planet. That does not mean anything worthwhile can be gleaned from said efforts, though.

In other words, James’ huddle antics Wednesday night are probably much ado about nothing. Unless they are.