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Kevin Durant Warriors jerseys 75 percent off at national retailer

There has been no shortage of speculation regarding Kevin Durant’s future, and one national retailer appears to be inclined to suspect that he will not be with the Golden State Warriors next season.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has Durant’s Warriors Swingman jerseys marked down 75 percent on its website, as noted by NBC Sports Bay Area.

The dramatic drop in price on Durant’s Warriors jersey comes a day after a panel of 38 people who cover the NBA for ESPN predicted there is only a 33 percent chance that Durant will remain with the Warriors. The same panel gave Golden State a 44 percent chance of retaining the superstar back in November.

Interestingly, the New York Knicks, a team believed to be in the hunt for Durant’s services, rose from 26 percent to 64 percent in the same time span.

Durant has been remarkably standoffish whenever asked him about what lies ahead after the season, if he elected to speak with the media in the first place.

Durant’s aversion to discussing his future became abundantly clear recently when he fired back at rumors that he could conceivably join the aforementioned Knicks.

Meanwhile, the Warriors are said to have “no idea” what Durant, who is expected to decline his $31.5 million player option for 2019-20 season, intends to do.

It has been speculated, though, that Durant may not have the right temperament to play under the intense media scrutiny that would greet him in the Big Apple, which arguably is a legitimate concern given how he’s conducted himself at times.

All that said, the jersey fire sale, which appears to be only temporary, is simply another interesting aside in what will be an eventful — and presumably contentious, as far as Durant is concerned — next few months.