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Kenny Lofton blasts A-Rod, PED users in Hall of Fame diatribe

Kenny Lofton is still bitter over falling off the traditional Hall of Fame ballot back in 2013, and the former MLB superstar believes Alex Rodriguez and the other players alleged to have used PEDs are to blame.

Lofton, a six-time All-Star and winner of four Gold Glove Awards whose best years were spent with the Cleveland Indians during a 17-season career, was eliminated from Hall of Fame voting after only garnering 3.2 percent of the vote in his only year on the BBWAA ballot. The result was short of the five percent needed to remain on the ballot the next year.

It goes without saying that Lofton, 51, believes playing during the steroid era ruined his chances, arguing how several alleged PED users on the ballot alongside him in 2013 compromised the voting process.

Lofton, though, reserved most of his most biting comments during a recent phone interview with the New York Post for Rodriguez –a teammate on the Yankees in 2004 — not to mention the once-disgraced slugger’s current employers.

“You’ve got Fox having a guy who got caught with PEDs doing the World Series. I can’t even watch the World Series now,” Lofton said. “That’s sad, you have a game that I love, I played 17 years in it, and you have Major League Baseball allowing a guy that knowingly cheated the game twice, and he’s the face of baseball, doing the World Series. That is not cool.

“To see somebody who cheated the game blatantly is doing the World Series? Come on, people. You’re basically telling kids nowadays that it’s OK to cheat the game of baseball. It’s OK to cheat. You will still get a job being a commentator, being the face of baseball. I don’t see how that flies with anyone.”

Lofton can still gain enshrinement in Cooperstown through one of the Hall of Fame’s Eras Committees, and he’s holding out hope that’s the case.

Rodriguez, on the other hand? Even he recognizes his chances of gaining entry in the hallowed Hall may be a long shot at best given his admitted transgressions against the game.