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MLB supports young girl calling out Chuck E. Cheese game’s softball taunt

An MLB-licensed throwing game at a Chuck E. Cheese in suburban Chicago is at the center of some drama after a nine-year-old girl was offended by its softball-slighting commentary.

Marie Marcum was attending a school fundraiser at the popular chain Monday when her efforts at throwing balls at a target yielded the audio taunt, “Hey, there’s always softball!”

“I was really mad,” Marcum told ESPN. “It made me feel like they think softball is a bad sport and girls shouldn’t play softball. I just started throwing balls at the game as hard as I could. I thought it was rude.”

Marcum, fuming over the game she has played since she was four years old being besmirched in such a manner, decided to write a letter to Major League Baseball to express her unhappiness.

“I wanted to tell someone how mad and upset I was and let them know what they could do to fix the game and make it better,” Marcum said.

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE), the creator of the game, said it would not be a problem to remove the offending audio clip from the game — there are “thousands” currently in circulation — according to president Joe Coppola.

A Chuck E. Cheese representative indicated this week that it has asked ICE to remove the audio. Until then, the game will be muted.

Meanwhile, MLB spokesperson said the league “does not support the message conveyed in the game and we are reaching out to the company to share our concerns about it.”

Major League Baseball later issued a statement as well praising Marie for taking a stand.

“We love Marie’s passion for softball and her view that softball is just as great as baseball,” the statement read. “Through our PLAY BALL program, growing youth softball has remained a priority for MLB, equally as important as growing youth baseball.”