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LeBron James: ‘It’s not my lane’ to comment on Zion Williamson’s future

There has been no shortage of opinions expressed by some of the biggest names in basketball about what Zion Williamson should do after suffering a knee injury in a bizarre scene Wednesday night, but LeBron James will not be one of them.

Many believe Williamson should sit out the rest of the Duke Blue Devils’ season to avoid risking his status as the consensus No. 1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Whether James thinks that or not, he’s not about to comment publicly about the decision Williamson faces.

“I have no comment on what he should do for his future,” James said Thursday, via Sports Illustrated. “If he needed any advice, he can find a way to find me.

“It’s not someone to go and sit across the table and go, ‘LeBron said this about this kid,’” James continued. “He has to do what’s best for him and his family is always going to support him. … It’s not my lane to talk about what he should do going forward.”

James did make note of Williamson’s freak injury on Twitter, and the fact the Duke phenom was sporting Nike sneakers when it occurred elicited a reaction on social media.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s well wishes of course are of particular interest given his strong — and profitable — ties to Nike.

Williamson suffered the injury early on during Duke’s highly anticipated showdown with North Carolina when his left shoe essentially came apart at the seams.

Duke announced Thursday afternoon that Williamson suffered a Grade 1 right knee sprain and that his status is day-to-day.

It of course remains to be seen what Williamson elects to do once he recovers from an injury that by all accounts could have been much worse.

That said, having countless people outside of his inner circle attempt to counsel him on such a monumental decision is probably of little value, making James’ move to not publicly advise Williamson arguably a sound one.