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Kyrie Irving apologized to LeBron James to ‘move forward’ with his life

Kyrie Irving surprised many earlier this season by revealing he had reached out to LeBron James to apologize for some of his conduct when the two were teammates on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Boston Celtics star recently sat down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols and explained the reasoning behind his decision to contact LeBron James in the first place.

Put simply, Irving believes there was no way he could have moved on in his life without making amends to James over the role he played in their ultimately ill-fated partnership.

“I think that it takes a very, very strong individual to replay a lot of the experiences that you’ve had, a lot of anger that you had built up where you didn’t address the situation and you allowed it to fester and then it was just combustion,” Irving said. “It came out and then you realize like ‘Hey man, I didn’t have to deal with that the same way I dealt with that, you know, I didn’t have to go about it that same way.’

“Now, mind you, I have no regrets in terms of any decision that I made, you know, going about my individual journey and what I want and see from my individual career. And yeah, apologizing that was a step for me just to move forward in my life.”

Irving obviously did not see eye-to-eye at times with James during their time together with the Cavaliers, something that ultimately led to his exodus out of Cleveland.

Irving has long been reserved if not obstinate when asked about his occasionally tumultuous time with James, although that appears to be changing with the passage of time. Perhaps his call to James demonstrates Irving is growing as person, player and leader, something he appears to recognize as well.