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Alex Cora sidesteps Alex Bregman’s anti-Boston smack talk

Alex Bregman may have made some provocative comments recently in an attempt to stir up the Houston Astros-Boston Red Sox rivalry, but that does not mean Alex Cora has to respond in kind.

Bregman got in on the anti-Boston sports bias by saying it’s time to knock the city’s wildly successful teams off their championship perch.

“After watching the Patriots win and with the Red Sox beating us last year, there’s no other city that I would like to beat more this year than Boston,” Bregman said this week, via

When informed of Bregman’s smack talk, Cora declined to take the bait.

“He said that?” Cora asked Wednesday, via MassLive. “That’s my guy right there. He’s probably trying to get me to react. He’s doing OK. He’s rehabbing. He’s back in West Palm. He did a lot of things in the offseason: the Instagram stories, and yeah. That’s my guy so I’m not going to react to that one.”

Bregman, who is close with Cora due to their time together in Houston — the Red Sox skipper served as the Astros’ bench coach in 2017 — currently is rehabbing following arthroscopic surgery on his right elbow.

It merits noting that Bregman also praised the Red Sox, saying the team is “well-coached and have a ton of good players.” Boston, however “got the better” of Houston in a 4-1 series victory in last season’s ALCS.

There’s nothing much to Bregman’s anti-Boston sports rhetoric beyond some friendly smack talk amid a budding rivalry, so it’s not all that surprising that Cora downplayed it.