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Pelicans’ creepy King Cake Baby embroiled in horror film dispute

King Cake Baby, the Mardi Gras character whose likeness has become a fixture at New Orleans Pelicans games, is without question one of the creepiest things ever associated with an NBA team.

It makes sense, then, that if there is one NBA “mascot” who would become embroiled in a dispute involving a horror film series, it most certainly would be this slice of nightmare fuel.

It turns out the version of King Cake Baby that pops up at Pelicans games bears an uncanny resemblance to the mask a killer wears in the horror series, “Happy Death Day.”

Jonathan Bertuccelli, the creator of the Pelicans’ King Cake Baby character, is not pleased with how the “Happy Death Day” series, in his opinion, ripped off his creation. He has since filed a lawsuit seeking damages.

Bertuccelli says NO ONE involved in the movie ever called him up to ask for permission — or even credited him — and he’s pissed at Universal City Studios, Blumhouse Productions and everyone else attached to the film, per TMZ Sports

“A side-by-side comparison of KCB and Happy Death Day mask clearly shows that the visual attributes and aspects which have made KCB a celebrity mascot were copied and so substantially similar that the two are seen to be the same.”

Bertuccelli is seeking 50 percent of the film’s profits, which would amount to a tidy sum, given he estimates the movie’s revenues at approximately $200 million. Bertuccelli is also requesting an injunction that would bar producers from using the mask until all matters are resolved.