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Report: Kyrie Irving would re-sign if Celtics land Anthony Davis

The New Orleans Pelicans declined to deal Anthony Davis at the trade deadline, meaning he will not be moved until this coming offseason. Now that the superstar remaining in New Orleans until the summer, it’s believed Davis’ future could go a long way in determining whether Kyrie Irving elects to re-up with the Boston Celtics.

The Pelicans’ decision to hold on to Davis makes sense on myriad levels, as waiting until this season shakes out will only increase the offers that comes their way on the Davis front.

Reports heading up to the deadline suggested the Celtics made every effort to convince the Pelicans to wait until after the season to trade Davis (although Celtics boss has declined to discuss any particular deliberations). Whether that’s accurate or not, the Celtics — precluded from making a trade for Davis ahead of the deadline due to the “Rose Rule” — are now in prime position to acquire the superstar, as it’s believed they can make the Pelicans the best offer.

All that said, it’s becoming increasingly unclear whether or not Irving intends to re-sign with the Celtics after all but promising to do so ahead of the season. While Celtics boss Danny Ainge colorfully expressed confidence Friday that Irving will re-sign, the enigmatic point guard’s motivations are unknown.

According to a report from The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor, the speculation is that the Celtics’ ability to acquire Davis would be incredibly beneficial on the Irving front.

Irving has spoken to Davis about teaming up in Boston, The Athletic’s Jay King reported in October. Though Irving’s future with Boston is murky now, with LeBron teasing a reunion in Los Angeles and the Knicks angling for Durant and Irving to join forces, if Davis were acquired, league sources believe Irving would stay, which, in turn, would also help retain Davis for the long haul.

Circumstances obviously can change dramatically between now and July, but the notion that landing Davis could help the Celtics lock both him and Irving up long-term makes the team big-time contenders for years to come.