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LeBron James on Lakers making moves: ‘There’s nothing I’m chasing’

Thursday afternoon’s trade deadline looms large, but LeBron James insists he’s not putting any pressure on the Los Angeles Lakers to make moves, both before and after.

Speaking to reporters in Boston ahead of Thursday night’s showdown with the Celtics, James was asked if he’s pushing the Lakers to make moves sooner rather than later.

“There’s nothing I need to get in this league that I don’t already have,” James said, via Red’s Army John Kaalis. “Everything else for me is just like icing on the cake… there’s nothing I’m chasing.”

James’ comments arguably should be examined from a broader perspective, not solely about the Lakers selling out completely to pry Anthony Davis away from the New Orleans Pelicans ahead of the trade deadline, which by all indications has almost no chance of occurring, as any talks between the teams reportedly have ceased.

James also previously blew off questions about the Lakers landing Davis, comparing such speculation to playing fantasy basketball.

The comments from James Thursday appear to indicate he’s willing to exercise patience in pursuing an NBA title with the Lakers as opposed to making moves just for the sake of making them out of desperation, something that could ultimately backfire.

Yet, as James stated before, his patience can wear thin without much notice. With that in mind, it will be interesting to watch how the Lakers approach this coming offseason, not to mention how James handles the rest of this season should the Lakers not bring in any reinforcements.