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Brandon Ingram gets last word after ‘LeBron’s gonna trade you’ chants

Brandon Ingram was taunted in ruthless fashion by Indiana Pacers fans during Tuesday night’s 136-94 blowout loss, but the Los Angeles Lakers forward took it in stride and even got the last word in on the savage treatment.

While Ingram was at the free-throw line during the first quarter, Pacers fans let the 21-year-old have it, chanting, “LeBron’s gonna trade you.”

The vicious taunt is obviously a nod to how essentially every player on the Lakers’ roster ought to view themselves as potential trade fodder in the team’s pursuit of Anthony Davis; although odds of such a deal occurring before Thursday’s trade deadline seem extremely remote after the Lakers reportedly pulled out of discussions with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Further inspiration for the chant, outside of how Ingram conceivably could be on his way out of L.A., is how LeBron James is often seen as a de facto, quasi-general manager even when the team he plays for has an established and successful front office.

Ingram, as mentioned, blew off the taunts and made sure to make specific note of how he did not allow the tormenting Pacers fans to rattle him.

“Yeah I heard it,” Ingram said of the chants after the game, per The Athletic’s Bill Oram. “I still made the free throw.”