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Tom Brady brings back ‘TB Times’ ahead of Super Bowl parade

Tom Brady on occasion has used social media to showcase covers of the “TB Times,” a fictional newspaper that allows him to humorously and colorfully react to the latest developments involving the New England Patriots.

With the quarterback securing his sixth Lombardi Trophy courtesy of the Patriots’ 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams Sunday — along with Tuesday’s Super Bowl LIII victory parade in Boston — what better time to bring the “TB Times” back?

Brady took to Instagram to share the latest “TB Times” cover. On it, Brady is depicted as an alligator or crocodile blown up to Godzilla-like proportions laying a beatdown on a similarly sized Ram.

“Couldn’t leave my TB Times crowd hanging…,” Brady writes in the post which shows him on a flight. “Boston we’re home! Schools canceled, works closed, see you on Boylston.”

Brady went away from posting “TB Times”-related content to celebrate Patriots’ wins for the 2018 season, so the bit’s reemergence has to be a delight to those who found the cartoonish dispatches entertaining.

It of course remains to be seen whether or not Brady will resurrect “TB Times” for the 2019 NFL season. It most certainly was quite the hit. If not, at least his legions of fans can enjoy Brady’s latest edition, especially given the phenomenal reason the social media routine returned in the first place.