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Jamal Adams not sweating potential lawsuit from Patriots mascot

New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has no regrets over tackling — and injuring — the New England Patriots mascot at a Pro Bowl event last week, despite the belief that a lawsuit could be in the offing.

“Nah … at the end of the day it was all for the kids,” Adams told TMZ Sports Wednesday night Merging Vets & Players Super Bowl kickoff party in Atlanta, Ga.

Adams also indicated there has been no attempt to contact the mascot, saying he is unsure of the severity of the injuries sustained from his tackle.

Adams originally tweeted out video of what certainly appeared to be a fairly aggressive takedown of Pat Patriot, although footage of the brutal takedown quickly spread on social media.

Adams said afterward his “intention was never to hurt” Pat Patriot, although the individual in the mascot uniform was still experiencing jaw, neck, and back soreness days after the incident.

Despite rumors indicating otherwise, Pat Patriot was never hospitalized, although he was checked for a concussion. The mascot still intends to attend Super Bowl LIII, however,

Regardless of Adams’ intent, the language used in statement issued by a Patriots spokesperson about the incident — specifically the choice to use “attack” — certainly indicates the team, not to mention the NFL, are unhappy with the Pro Bowler’s conduct. One could reasonably surmise that makes a potential lawsuit at least a theoretical possibility.