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Did Sean Payton wear Roger Goodell-Clown shirt to season-ending presser?

Sean Payton conducted his season-ending press conference on Wednesday, and it appears the New Orleans Saints head coach was wearing an infamous shirt on which NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is depicted as a clown, big red nose and all.

Standing at the podium, Payton, seemed to be wearing the Goodell-Clown tee underneath a button-up shirt.

NBC Sports Philadelphia took the analysis a step further with a graphic showing how it’s almost certain Payton was wearing said shirt.

The Goodell-Clown shirt made its first appearance when then-New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was spotted wearing one when when stepping off a plane following the Patriots’ Super Bowl LI triumph.

Later, the Goodell-as-a-Clown shirt served as inspiration for towels that were intended to be handed out to Patriots fans ahead of the team’s 2017 home opener at Gillette Stadium.

It’s hardly surprising that Payton harbors some extreme bitterness toward the NFL — and by extension, Goodell — over the controversial and heartbreaking manner by which the Saints’ Super Bowl run came to an end in the NFC Championship Game due to one of the most egregious and impactful missed calls in league history.

For Payton to subtly take a shot at the NFL by wearing the Goodell-Clown shirt — albeit under another shirt — without question is an delightfully passive-aggressive way to articulate said bitterness.