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Robert Kraft’s message to Pats: ‘You might never be here again’

The New England Patriots are preparing for their ninth Super Bowl appearance of the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick-Robert Kraft era, and the owner understands that despite the ongoing dynasty, competing every year for a championship can be a fleeting thing.

Kraft, who celebrated his 25th anniversary of buying the Patriots last week, was asked during an interview this week on “CBS This Morning” what advice he has for the team and what message he’ll have for the players.

“You might never be here again,” Kraft said Wednesday morning, as transcribed by CBS Boston. “It took us almost 30 years to get to our first game. We try to make sure people are completely focused on nothing else but the game and doing what they can to close the order.”

The Patriots will be seeking their sixth Super Bowl victory on Sunday in a showdown with the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Ga. Such a remarkable run of course has made the Patriots the NFL’s version of the “Evil Empire,” something Kraft wholeheartedly understands.

“We were just talking about that,” Kraft said this week during an appearance on NBC Sports Boston, via Pro Football Talk. “Seventeen years ago, we were Cinderella — and I understand it, and if I wasn’t a fan of the Patriots, I’d feel the same way.

“And you know what? To all those people, we hope we’re going to make you keep feeling that way for quite a while.”

The Patriots were incorrectly tabbed as quasi-underdogs heading into the postseason, as pundits, analysts and the many haters eagerly awaited the long-anticipated downfall of the dynasty. As even Kraft recognizes, nothing can last forever, but in hindsight, it was obviously a profound mistake to predict the end of the Patriots’ era of dominance at this point.