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Boston brewery’s Tom Brady beer can depicts QB with head of goat

A Boston brewery is getting in on Super Bowl LIII fever by releasing a limited-edition beer that pays tribute to Tom Brady, and there’s no doubt it will be wildly popular with New England Patriots fans.

Samuel Adams, a Boston institution, hinted on Tuesday that a Brady-themed beer was on the way. The tweet featured an image of a goat-headed Brady — a nod to GOAT, of course — so it certainly drummed up interest.

Further, the hashtags in the tweet — #TooOld, #TooSlow and #StillHere — highlights how Brady continues to defy Father Time and get things done. has since revealed that both the goat-headed Brady and the aforementioned hashtags made their way on to the cans, as the new Samuel Adams’ new farmhouse double New England IPA is named “Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here.”

The name of the beer was inspired by an exchange between Brady and Chris Hogan following the AFC Championship Game…

… and Brady’s send-off statement at a rally before the Patriots departed for Atlanta, Ga., this week for Super Bowl LIII preparations…

“We’re behind [the] New England Patriots 100% as they head to the big game,” said Sam Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch in a press release, via “The best way we could think to honor the team was to brew a beer for fans that can’t make it to Atlanta and a New England style Double IPA with as much spirit as the players felt like the perfect beer. We haven’t doubted them all season and can’t wait to watch them on Sunday with a beer in hand that honors their hard work.”

This is not the first time one of Brady’s fiery comments has found its way on to a beer can during the Patriots’ latest run to the Super Bowl. Given how predictions of the supposed demise of the Patriots dynasty this season were clearly premature, it may not be the last time, either.