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Tom Brady offers young fan great response on how to handle haters

Tom Brady had a great exchange with a young fan Monday during Super Bowl LIII Opening Night when he offered a thoughtful response to the kid’s question about all the so-called New England Patriots haters.

One of the prevailing storylines heading into the postseason was how the Patriots were somehow being perceived as underdogs, although that arguably ill-conceived notion did not diminish the number of people who continue to loathe the dynastic organization.

With the critics, haters and the like holding out hope that the Patriots lose to the Los Angeles Rams on Super Bowl Sunday, the young fan asked Brady how the team overcomes all the negativity that comes their way.

“How are you able to focus despite the negative fan base, aka the Haters?” Brady said, repeating the question the boy asked him so the throng of media in attendance at Monday night’s Super Bowl media session could hear, via the New York Post.

“I don’t know. What do we do about the haters?” Brady asked. “We love ’em. We love ’em. We love ’em back because we don’t hate back. We appreciate it, and we love ’em, and we wish them the best in their life.”

When it comes to sports, success — especially the unparalleled amount the Patriots have enjoyed — inevitably breeds envy, which in turn devolves into contempt.

The Patriots, so long as the team continues to make Super Bowl runs, will always be viewed as the NFL’s “Evil Empire,” as it were, by fans of less decorated teams. It simply comes with the territory of being a perennial winner.