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Stephen A. Smith blasts Raiders GM amid Derek Carr feud

The Stephen A. Smith-Derek Carr feud took another turn Friday thanks to the outspoken ESPN personality blasting Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock over his defense of the quarterback’s fiery rhetoric.

The animosity between Smith and Carr after the Raiders QB took offense to criticismis of him espoused by Smith and his “First Take” co-host, Max Kellerman. Carr fired off a tweet in which he referred to the two as “clowns” and asked UFC boss Dana White to arrange a fight in the Octagon with them.

Smith not surprisingly responded to Carr’s tweeted trash talk, both on social media, during a nearly two-minute rant on his radio show and in a “First Take” segment.

Smith also humorously reacted to Bovada setting odds on a theoretical fight with Carr.

Mayock, just recently hired by the Raiders, weighed in on Carr’s beef with Smith. The new general manager to no surprise backed Carr.

“I like our quarterback,” Mayock said of Carr. “I like the attitude.”

Mayock’s comment got Smith worked up into yet another lather, and he let the Raiders GM have it on Friday’s “First Take.” Smith’s issue with Mayock seemingly is highlighted by how Mayock was a media member himself just recently, having rose to prominence as a draft expert on NFL Network.

“You’re showing disrespect to an industry that helped you get to where you are,” Smith said. “And you got it because one of your boys is the $100 million man for a franchise that is allergic to prosperity for the last 20 years.”

There’s no telling where — or how absurd — the feud goes from here, but one thing is certain: It’s going to be amusing to watch.