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Bill Walton confirms cameo in original ‘Ghostbusters’

Bill Walton is a treasure, the best the sports world has to offer when it comes to far-out, eccentric, charismatic oddballs. The Grateful Dead-loving icon has enjoyed a wildly successful career both on the court and behind the mic, but who knew Walton made a cameo in the original “Ghostbusters” film?

During Thursday’s broadcast of the Washington-Oregon game, Walton insisted he was in the classic 1984 film, much to the disbelief of fellow announcer and frequent foil Dave Pasch.

Pasch went on to jokingly ask Walton if he appeared in the film as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Pasch clearly knows his stuff when it comes to “Ghostbusters,” as he later asked Walton portrayed Zuul, the demonic Gatekeeper of Gozer.

It turns out Walton was indeed in “Ghostbusters,” albeit in a very, very brief cameo. A Redditor tracked down the footage of Walton, which occurs during the credits about 1:39 into the film.

Below is a still of Walton strolling by way off in background of the scene.

Walton is also credited as a cast member — portraying himself — on the movie’s IMDb page, so there you go.

It should go without saying, but the world needs Bill Walton to keep on keeping on. Shine on, you crazy diamond.