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Tony Romo hangs with former teammates Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray

A trio of former Cowboys enjoyed an evening out in Dallas recently, and it’s clear at least one of them still feels bitter over the team’s infamous loss to the Green Bay Packers a few years back.

Dez Bryant on Wednesday tweeted out a photo of himself hanging out with Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray. The three former teammates presumably had a lot to catch up on, but Bryant’s tweet hints that perhaps his non-catch catch in the 2014 NFL playoffs remains a sore spot for him.

Romo, Bryant and Murray of course were the Cowboys’ Big 3 back in the day, including for that ill-fated game against the Packers.

On Jan. 11, 2015 at Lambeau Field, a clutch pass from Romo to Bryant on 4th-and-2 with the Cowboys driving that most people believed to be a clear catch was ultimately ruled incomplete after a Mike McCarthy challenge. The Cowboys’ bid of a comeback victory in the NFC divisional round was snuffed out as a result.

The controversial call played a role in the NFL’s quest to reevaluate the definition of a catch in subsequent offseasons. Still, Cowboys fans remain irate over the play. The outrage even inspired ridiculously frivolous lawsuits, with one Cowboys fan filing an absurd $88,987,654,321.88 lawsuit in 2015 that was one-upped in shot order by a $100 billion one.

Bryant interestingly also used the hashtag #Romostradamus, a nod to Romo’s soothsaying abilities in the booth. All in all, a tweet chock-full of interesting nuggets.