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Watch: Jazz fan wanted in on Derrick Favors-Mason Plumlee scuffle

The scuffle between Derrick Favors and Mason Plumlee was the big talker coming out of Wednesday’s Utah Jazz-Denver Nuggets showdown at Vivint Smart Home Arena.

The manner in which a blue sweater-wearing Jazz fan inserted himself into the brouhaha, however, was the most amusing aspect of the incident.

Favors and Plumlee got into a shoving match late in the first quarter, and keen-eyed observers notice how said sweater-clothed fan leaped from his seat and appeared interested in getting involved in the hostilities.

Here’s another view that better highlights the Jazz fan’s actions during the scuffle.

As luck would have it, Nuggets reporter Katy Winge interviewed the fan — who clearly got caught up in the frenetic scene — as well as his daughters.

According the young ladies, their dad’s only motivation for doing what he did was to “get in on the fight.”

“Look, I wanted to intervene, to get in there,” the man said. “But I also know Mason Plumlee would’ve kicked my a**. I am a Jazz fan.”

Hey, at least the guy recognizes his pugilistic limitations when it comes to a potential bout of fisticuffs with an NBA player.