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Robert Kraft on Brady-Belichick: ‘Please God, one more season’

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is appealing to a higher power with the hope that the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick partnership will continue for at least the 2019 NFL season.

“Please God, one more season that Tommy and (head coach) Bill Belichick, who are the best at what they do in my opinion, will be with us for 20 years — two decades,” Kraft said during an appearance Wednesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” via Reuters.

It merits noting that Belichick made it clear earlier this week that he has no intentions of hanging it up anytime soon.

“We have a good setup here,” Belichick said of Kraft’s leadership, per Sports Illustrated. “He’s been very supportive, gives us great opportunity to go out and compete every week. We’ve done that. I hope we can continue it for a long time.”

Brady of course has emphasized repeatedly that retirement is not an option for him anytime soon, although there were whispers ahead of the season that he could conceivably contemplate an endgame to his career should the Patriots win a sixth Super Bowl.

With Brady set to lead the Patriots in the ninth Super Bowl of his remarkable career, Kraft noted that the unparalleled success enjoyed by 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft has not changed him one bit.

“The thing that’s most impressive to me, he is still the same guy that he was when he came out of Michigan and I met him, that skinny beanpole coming down the steps with that great physique,” Kraft said.

“He is the nicest person, genuine. He’s the same person today as he was when he was fourth on the depth chart back there in 2000.”

It certainly seems like a sure thing that Brady and Belichick will be back with the Patriots for the 2019 NFL season. Circumstances can obviously change, but win or lose in a showdown with the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, why would either of them want to put a premature end to a still-dominant dynasty many suggested this season was in its death throes?