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Bruce Arians pays Antonio Brown compliment after criticism

Bruce Arians recently weighed in on the ongoing Antonio Brown saga plaguing the Pittsburgh Steelers, saying the disgruntled wide receiver exhibiting “diva” tendencies is a huge part of the problem.

The recently hired Buccaneers head coach, who was the Steelers’ offensive coordinator during Brown’s first and second seasons, was asked about the firestorm ignited by his observations — which included Brown taking a shot at him on Twitter (below) — during a recent appearance on FOX Sports 910 in Phoenix.

Arians, as he did in his original critique of Brown, highlighted the wide receiver’s unparalleled work ethic. The problem is, as Arians sees it, is that Brown has deviated from what makes him such a standout player.

“I mean, like I said, he’s one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever had,” Arians said of Brown, via JoeBucs Fan. “He just needs to go back to where the beginning was.”

Interestingly, Arians, in light of his previous comments, appeared to take a veiled shot at Brown by speaking to the diva tendencies of all wide receivers at another point in the interview.

Discussing how wealth can change people, the host of the radio show mentioned how Arians and his wife aren’t “a-holes” — the coach was in town for a charity function that included an auction that benefits his foundation for foster children, after all — despite his many successes.

“Not all are,” Arians said. “It’s just a few. They usually run in the wide receiver room.”

Arians presumably means every other wide receiver room in the NFL outside of the Bucs, right?