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Stephen Curry has ‘no idea’ what happened during slip on dunk attempt

Stephen Curry experienced an embarrassing two-play sequence during Monday’s 130-111 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

The awkward sequence of events involving the typically smooth Warriors star began with a slip and fall on what appeared to be a wide-open dunk attempt, and Curry is unclear about what caused the mishap.

The consecutive misplays in question occurred after Curry snagged a steal and had no one between himself and the basket. After taking a tumble, Curry set up for a three-point shot from the left that sailed over the basket for an airball.

It was such an awkward sequence of events that it earned a “Shaqtin’ a Fool” mention.

Curry was asked by reporters after the game if his wipeout was caused by a wet spot on the court. The Warriors superstar said he had something big planned but forces beyond his control prevented any dunk attempt.

“I have no idea,” Curry said, via the San Jose Mercury News’ Mark Medina. “A kid walked into a candy store with the whole half court empty. I was going to try something real nice that I hadn’t tried before. The Lord wouldn’t let me do it.”

Despite the uncertainty over what caused Curry’s blooper, Steve Kerr looked at the gaffe from a whimsical perspective.

“You think Steph was lining up for a monster dunk?” Kerr asked. “Have you seen Steph’s dunks? I thought it was going to be one of those layups where he just pulls the net down a little bit to make it seem like he’s on the rim. He’s done a lot of those over the years.”

Curry’s teammates, meanwhile, could not help but give him a little grief over the two-play misadventure, although relief was also expressed that he did not get hurt.

“I was just happy he was safe. That’s scary. But that’s definitely on ‘Shaqtin a Fool.’” Klay Thompson said. “Now that he’s all right and healthy, we’re definitely giving him a hard time. That was funny.”