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Draymond Green addresses ‘special’ relationship with Kevin Durant

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant were able to move on from all the drama spawned by their feud early on this season, and it appears their relationship is even stronger as a result.

With the ship since righted between the two combatting teammates –something that coincided with the Warriors’ resurgence on the court — Green clearly is now comfortable to candidly discuss the situation.

Interestingly, Green believes the drama between himself and Durant, especially in light of how the two have reconciled, ought to be viewed in hindsight as a positive.

“It’s very rare,” Green told The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson. “Obviously, we had a good relationship and then to go through something like we went through and still come out of that with a great relationship, that’s special. Those are the relationships you have for life.

“My deepest relationships that I have is, like, with people that I went through [expletive] with. It could’ve been a bad argument. It could’ve been ready to go to blows. Those are my best relationships because you go through something and then you come out on the other side and y’all are tighter and better for it. Those are the special relationships.”

The disconnect between Green and Durant was spawned by an on-court confrontation during a November game against the Los Angeles Clippers. The incident plunged the typically scandal-free Golden State Warriors into an apparent state of disarray that lasted weeks, with both Durant and Green seemingly escalating the tension with their actions and/or comments.

With any issues between Green and Durant since resolved and the Warriors reestablishing themselves as a Western Conference powerhouse, the fact that the two stars have forged an even stronger bond in the wake of all the dysfunction arguably makes the Warriors an even more dangerous team.