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Jared Goff downplays age factor ahead of NFC title game

History has not been kind to quarterbacks under age 25 appearing in the NFL Championship Game, but Los Angeles Rams signal-caller Jared Goff, 24, is not about to allow such things impact how he approaches Sunday’s showdown with the New Orleans Saints.

Since the NFL began playing conference championships in 1970, all eight quarterbacks under 25 years of age who have appeared in the NFC Championship Game have lost.

Goff, however, believes his age and relative inexperience — especially when compared to the resume of 40-year-old Drew Brees — isn’t a big deal, at least to him.

“Just going to approach it like any other game,” Goff said this week, via The Orange County Register. “Obviously, there’s a lot on the line going to the Super Bowl and everything like that, but I’ve got to approach it the same way. I think I rely on a lot of the successes I’ve had and understand that I didn’t do that on accident. It’s part of my process.”

Both conference championship games feature matchups between quarterbacks on the extreme opposite ends of the age spectrum. On the AFC side, the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady is 41, while the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes is only 23.

Goff clearly believes age is nothing but a number, and he prefers to highlight how the Rams are presented with an opportunity to reach the Super Bowl, not what happened to quarterbacks his age in the past.

“Even playing in the NFC Championship is a dream come true,” Goff said. “We’re excited for it. It’s an opportunity you work for and I think we see it as something that we’ve earned. We’ve been through a long season here and just like the Saints, we’ve earned this spot. We have a chance to go play for a world title.”