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Joe Maddon finished reading ‘Managing Millennials for Dummies’

Joe Maddon raised some eyebrows — and elicited some chuckles — by revealing at the MLB winter meetings in December that he had started reading “Managing Millennials for Dummies.”

The Chicago Cubs skipper, among baseball’s most eccentric personalities, has completed reading the book, and now is revealing the lessons gleaned from it.

“They’re no different than anyone else,” Maddon said of millennials, via the Chicago Tribune.

Maddon’s motivation for reading the book from the popular “for Dummies” series was the realization that he needed to rethink and adapt his approach to dealing with younger players.

Maddon mentioned this week that millennials are much more “technologically oriented,” among other observations.

“The answer is much more at everyone’s fingertips,” Maddon said. “We had to read a book. They have to read Google. I’m guilty too. I can type it out. We can be sitting at a restaurant and ask a question, and there it is.

“With groups before that, you had to actually read more and probably converse more to arrive at that ability to know something in the moment. And it’s not just millennials. You do it, and I do it. If we have a question, I just Google it; so there’s a different method of learning right there.”

Maddon is set to embark upon a so-called lame duck season in 2019, as he is in the final year of his contract. The seasoned skipper hopes learning to better interact with Cubs’ younger players, many of whom struggled in 2018, can only help.

“A lot of times you listen, but you don’t hear,” Maddon said. “Or you hear but you don’t listen. You have to be careful and not let things slide when people are trying to reach out to you. So primarily it’s a technologically based group. They’re into change. They like change. That’s one thing I read that I like, and it’s kind of pertinent. They do work well within groups.”

It remains to be seen if reading “Managing Millennials for Dummies” will serve Maddon well, though the case can be made that at least he’s putting forth an effort.