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Adam Gase: Memes inspired by presser ‘pollution of the brain’

Adam Gase has been getting mocked all week for his now-infamous introductory press conference with the New York Jets on Monday, and the head coach continues to claim to not care one bit about the ridicule.

Gase became a meme almost instantly thanks to his googly-eyed, twitchy mannerisms, which were on full display from the get-go. It did not take the Internet long to seize upon the opportunity for chicanery.

Gase has professed ignorance about the attention his antics during the presser were receiving on the Internet, and continued to do so during an appearance Thursday on ESPN Radio’s “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.”

“I don’t have Twitter, Instagram, I don’t read the internet, I don’t watch TV,” Gase said, via the New York Post. “All that stuff is irrelevant to me. To me it’s pollution of the brain. I really don’t care.”

Gase was asked by Le Batard if he thought he “won the press conference,” an interesting way of putting it given Jets owner Christopher Johnson responded to the Gase hire backlash by saying he was “not trying to win Twitter” with the move.

“I don’t care. Did we win any games because of it?” Gase said. “Then nobody cares.”

Interestingly, Gase seemed to demonstrate some knowledge of Internet memes when Le Batard asked if he would like to see the “Dancing Taco” meme (below) created using footage from the notorious presser.

“No! I don’t want it. I don’t want it,” Gase said, chuckling. “Don’t need it. I’ll give you a Jay Cutler on that one: ‘Don’t care.’”

Indeed, classic Cutler memes are among the best memes inspired by the NFL. Gase of course would know a thing or two about the surly former quarterback having coached him during his tenure with the Dolphins.