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Tom Brady trails Mark Sanchez in postseason stat?

Tom Brady is the most accomplished postseason quarterback by myriad measures, but somehow the New England Patriots signal-caller trails Mark Sanchez in one intriguing NFL postseason stat.

According to stats gleaned from Pro Football Reference, as noted by Clutch Points, Sanchez somehow has posted more postseason victories in his career than Brady.

Sanchez has a 4-2 postseason record, all of which came on the road, which arguably is surprising in and of itself. Brady, meanwhile, is technically 3-4 in road playoff starts.

Obviously, Brady’s lack of road playoff games is the only reason behind having one less road victory in the playoffs than Sanchez. After all, Brady has posted an overall postseason record of 28-10, meaning he has had 31 home playoff starts to only seven on the road, which actually is a testament to the Patriots dynasty’s unparalleled success than anything else.

Still, what a statistical oddity.

If it’s any solace to Brady — and it’s unlikely he needs it — at least he can tie Sanchez with a road victory Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.

Given the strange conditions set to be in play at Arrowhead Stadium — in one case otherworldly (super blood wolf moon, anyone?) — perhaps the cosmos will smile upon Brady and give him the road victory he needs to even himself up with the quarterback who is best known for the “ButtFumble” than anything else.