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Philly fans show embattled Eagle Alshon Jeffery support at 76ers game

Alshon Jeffery has been navigating an extremely tough week, but Philly fans showed their love for the embattled Eagles wide receiver at Tuesday night’s 76ers game.

Jeffery unfortunately played a key role in the Eagles coming up short against the Saints in last weekend’s divisional round. His dropped pass late in the game sealed the Eagles’ fate after Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore intercepted the ball, thwarting a potential comeback victory.

While it would have been easy for Jeffery to avoid the spotlight, he showed up at Wells Fargo Center to take in the Sixers’ 149-107 dismantling of the Timberwolves.

According to NBC Philadelphia reporter John Clark, Jeffery was greeted with friendly chants from some fans. He even stayed after the game to take some photos.

The support Jeffery received Tuesday night by the Philly faithful followed a heartwarming letter a thoughtful second-grader wrote to him this week to remind him that “you don’t always have to win a game.”

Philly sports fans often are wrongfully miscast as miscreants. The manner in which many of them have rallied around Jeffery during what must be the lowest point of his professional football career certainly illustrates said mischaracterization.