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Report: Klay Thompson expected to stay with Warriors

All signs are pointing to Klay Thompson remaining with the Golden State Warriors despite the anticipated alternatives that will be afforded him in free agency, writes Ethan Strauss of The Athletic.

“While Thompson has indicated an interest in remaining a “Warrior for life,” his return cannot just be taken for granted. Still, the expectation within and outside the Warriors is that Klay isn’t leaving. This is why you don’t hear about any team besides the Lakers gearing up for the Summer of Klay.” 

Thompson has long expressed a desire to stay with the Warriors for the long haul, even if an opportunity presented itself where he could take on a bigger role with another team.

As noted, Thompson said hopes to be a “Warrior for life” in August, so the notion he could remain with Golden State hardly comes as a surprise.

As far as salary is concerned, if Thompson were to hit the open market, the most teams reportedly could offer him would be four years and $139 million. The Warriors, on the other hand, are said to be capable of presenting a a five-year, $188 million offer to Thompson, per salary cap projections, although the team obviously is hamstrung on the player salary front.

It will be interesting to monitor how both Thompson and the Warriors navigate the star’s contract situation. It would appear the only logical way Thompson could stay with the Warriors is if he gave them a “hometown discount,” although he reportedly is unwilling to do so.

That said, given the nature of the most recent reporting, the chances of Thompson and the Warriors hammering out a mutually satisfactory deal at least seems plausible.