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Bryan Cranston reprises Walter White role for Nick Foles pep talk

Bryan Cranston dropped by NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” on Friday and delivered a real treat to both “Breaking Bad” fans and Philadelphia Eagles backers.

Cranston resurrected his iconic Walter White character from the AMC classic series to deliver a pep talk of sorts to Eagles signal-caller Nick Foles ahead of Sunday’s divisional-round matchup with the New Orleans Saints.

“Who am I talking to right now? Nick. Who is it you think I see?” Cranston said as meth kingpin White. “Do you know how often you win in the playoffs? Even if I told you you wouldn’t believe it. Do you know what would happen if you suddenly decided to stop going into work?

“A franchise good enough to be a Super Bowl champion goes belly up, disappears. It ceases to exist without you. No, you clearly don’t know who I’m talking to. So let me clue you in, you are not in danger Nick. You are the danger.”

Great “Breaking Bad” reference in that last line there, to say the least.

Cranston, who has made a handful of appearances on various NFL Network programming over the years, has no discernible ties to the Eagles; although the actor is said to be a huge Phillies fan, so there’s that possible link.

Having been born and raised in Hollywood, Cranston is a big-time Dodgers backer as well, which may be why he also added a qualifier about the Rams to his Foles speech.

“Nick, you are the one who knocks teams out of the playoffs … with the possible exception of the Rams,” Cranston said.