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Lakers fans boo during win over failing to get free tacos

The Los Angeles Lakers earned a much-needed home victory Wednesday after dropping their previous two outings at Staples Center, but fans nevertheless booed the team as the game was drawing to a conclusion.

Why? They lost out on snagging two free tacos from Jack in the Box.

The Lakers were putting the finishing touches on a decisive victory over the Detroit Pistons. With less than 10 seconds remaining and the Lakers up by double-digits, the fans began to chant “We want tacos!” All that the Lakers needed to do was prevent the Pistons, who were at 98 points, from hitting the century mark for the game.

It did not play out as such, much to the fans’ disappointment, as the Pistons scored a bucket as the clock neared zero. Ballgame: Lakers, 113, Pistons, 100.

Still, the utter disappointment of losing out on free tacos inspired the fans to bring out the boo-birds.

The Lakers’ free tacos promotion is so popular the team even has an infographic about it on their official site, which features a bevy of interesting information about it. So, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

That said, Lakers fans obviously were happy to see a victory — the 23-19 LeBron-less squad’s second straight — but coming so close to netting some free food left them a bit disappointed and hankering for some taco goodness. Being hangry is a powerful thing.