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CBS considering Super Bowl LIII pregame interview with Donald Trump

CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus indicated Thursday that the network is exploring the possibility of arranging a sit-down interview with President Donald Trump as part of its pregame coverage of Super Bowl LIII.

The Chicago Tribune’s Matt Bonesteel reports that CBS has engaged in talks with the White House about a potential Trump interview, but McManus stated there will be “no announcement on that right now.”

Trump was not interviewed by NBC for the network’s pregame coverage of Super Bowl LII last year. Instead, the President sat down for a taped interview with Bill O’Reilly that was aired during FOX News’ coverage of the game.

Trump of course waged war on the NFL ever since he assumed office, although it merits noting that the NFL has not been the only professional sports league embroiled in an acrimonious dialogue with Trump.

Trump’s issue with the NFL primarily stems over the league’s players kneeling during the national anthem. It began during a rally in Huntsville, Ala., in September of 2017, when Trump said that NFL owners should fire any “son of a (expletive)” who knelt during the anthem.

Trump, it must be noted, has significantly toned down his anti-NFL rhetoric during the 2018 season. That said, Trump did take personal credit last summer for the dip in ratings the league experienced during the 2017 season.

In any event, given the contentious nature of past dialogue between Trump and the NFL, having him front and center during coverage of the league’s biggest annual event certainly would make for compelling television.