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LeBron James gives shout out to Klay Thompson for four-dribble, 43-point game

Klay Thompson exploded for 43 points in Tuesday’s 122-95 throttling of the New York Knicks while somehow only needing four dribbles during the dominant offensive performance. Count LeBron James among those who were left blown away by the impressive feat.

In 34 minutes, Thompson converted on 18-of-29 shots, including seven three-pointers, in the Golden State Warriors’ blowout victory, and watching the highlights of the four-dribble performance is a sight to behold.

Thanks to Bleacher Report’s Mike Vernon, we have evidence of James’ awestruck reaction to Thompson’s mostly dribble-free game.

“This is dope!!!!!!” James observed. Indeed.

Much of the Warriors’ offense — especially when it concerns Thompson — is predicated on a catch-and-shoot approach. But only four dribbles in a game is beyond the pale.

Thompson has not enjoyed the best season, one in which there has been some ups and downs, but the sharpshooter is still averaging 21.6 points per game on 45.1 percent shooting and a 35.6 percent clip from behind the three-point line.

Regarding James’ praise of Thompson, though: Who says rivals can’t show some love for one another from time to time?