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Baker Mayfield claps back at radio host who bashed him over coaching hire

The Cleveland Browns have promoted offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens to the head coaching job, and a radio host believes Baker Mayfield’s presence made the position less appealing and left the team with few other options.

To no surprise, once Mayfield caught wind of it, he was quick to issue a brief, but clear, rebuttal.

FOX Sports Radio’s Jason Smith opined during his show Wednesday that Mayfield may have scared away potential head coaches with better pedigrees and more accomplished résumés than Kitchens.

“Coaching Baker Mayfield is not something appeals to the successful head coach,” Smith said, as transcribed by The Spun. “Coaching Baker Mayfield is something that appeals to someone who needs a chance somewhere to be a head coach and may not get it anywhere else.”

The discussion continued with the assertion that Mayfield was the primary reason Hue Jackson was fired. Co-host Mike Harmon chimed in to call Mayfield “petty, hateful and vindictive.”

Mayfield’s reaction to the criticisms? Given how Mayfield has reacted in the past in such situations — including one involving another radio host — his tweeted response will not come as a shock to anyone.

Mayfield arguably could have handled the situation a bit better in the aftermath of Hue Jackson’s midseason ouster, although there may have been things that occurred behind the scenes that elicited the quarterback’s negative conduct towards to his former coach.

All that aside, the case can be made that Mayfield’s presence in Cleveland made the Browns an attractive destination for would-be coaches, not the other way around, as he certainly appears to have the makings of a franchise quarterback.

In the end, any debate on the matter is purely academic at this point. The Browns apparently feel comfortable enough with what the Mayfield-Kitchens partnership produced after Jackson was fired to believe it was the best option going forward.