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Kevin McHale ‘would be shocked’ if Kevin Durant stayed with Warriors

No one, presumably including Kevin Durant himself, has any idea what the superstar will do in free agency after the season. That said, there has been no shortage of speculation about Durant’s future, including whether or not he’ll remain with the Golden State Warriors once the dust settles.

Kevin McHale recently weighed in on Durant’s impending free agency, and the NBA legend does not see the back-to-back Finals MVP returning to the Warriors.

“Anywhere but Golden State, honestly I don’t think he’s going to go back there,” McHale said this week on NBA TV, via Amico Hoops. “I watch him and there’s something dysfunctional with that team right now. So I would be shocked if he goes back there.”

McHale is correct in his observation that things aren’t running as smoothly for the Warriors this season compared to past years. The feud between Durant and Draymond Green is a glaring example of some semblance of organizational dysfunction.

With Durant expected to opt-out of his deal after the season and become an unrestricted free agent, what may motivate Durant’s decision?

“KD is going to go wherever he wants to go but I really could see him going and hooking up with another championship-caliber guy,” McHale said. “I know the New York fans will go crazy but him taking some guy and saying, ‘Let’s go here together, let’s go some place together.’”

Durant recently revealed what will be the primary motivator in free agency during a candid interview with Yahoo’s Chris Haynes.

“I just want to make sure I get as much money as I can on my next deal so I can stack up my money and figure it out,” Durant said. “That’s just the plan. Play basketball and stack money.”

Given how the Warriors can offer a five-year, $221.3 million deal to Durant and other teams can only offer a four-year, $164 million contract, it would appear Golden State would have an upper hand in that regard. McHale begs to differ.

“I don’t think he’s going to stay in Golden State,” McHale said.