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Kevin Durant rails against Knicks free-agency rumors

Kevin Durant has again taken issue with chatter regarding his impending free agency, this time specifically concerning his supposed interest in signing with the New York Knicks.

With the Warriors set to host the Knicks Tuesday night at Oracle Arena, it’s hardly surprising that the oft-repeated rumors suggesting Durant could head to the Big Apple would be revisited with the superstar. That does not mean, however, that Durant feels said rumors are accurate.

“I have no clue where that comes from. I just focus on playing ball every single day,” Durant said Tuesday, per The Mercury News’ Logan Murdock. “I can’t control what people say about me or what they say about my future or what I should do.”

More broadly, Durant seemed somewhat accepting of the overall speculation concerning his future.

“I wish it was the other way where its just totally about the game but I get it,” Durant continued. “There’s more and more popularity around the league and the sexy thing is what happens in the summer more so than what happens around the season.”

Durant knew full well that he would be asked never-ending questions about his upcoming free agency throughout the season, something he said he would be “transparent” about throughout the process. It appears that continues to be the case, despite Durant’s apparent misgivings about specific rumors.

All that said, many pundits have suggested despite the ongoing uncertainty over Durant’s future, it does not seem very likely that will be back with the Warriors next season, so there’s that as well.