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Report: ABC ‘kicking around’ pursuit of FOX’s or CBS’ Sunday NFL rights

ABC is looking into potentially making a move on acquiring the rights of Sunday NFL games currently owned by either FOX or CBS, reports Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

Sources have told The Post that ABC is kicking around the idea of going hard after CBS’ or Fox’s NFL Sunday packages. Besides the games on Sundays, it also would allow ABC to pick up a Super Bowl or two.

ESPN and ABC, both of which are owned by Disney, declined to comment on the rumors, and it merits noting that sources have indicated deliberations on potentially acquiring the NFL Sunday rights of either FOX or CBS are in the earliest of stages and highly speculative.

That said, ABC, by way of Disney, has plenty of time to contemplate such an aggressive move, as the NFL Sunday packages currently in control of FOX and CBS do not expire until after the 2022 season.

It’s unclear whether or not ABC would choose to also pursue rights to Thursday night NFL action, or if the NFL would even consider splitting up broadcast rights in such a manner in the first place. As things currently stand, FOX’s rights to Thursday night games is also set to end in 2022.

As noted, ABC’s exploration of making a move to get back in on hosting NFL games is in its most preliminary stages. However, it goes without saying the network would have to pay an obscenely exorbitant amount of money to secure the rights to broadcasting NFL games for the first time since “Monday Night Football” last aired on the network in 2005. ABC’s sister network, ESPN, of course has been airing “MNF” since 2006.