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Tom Brady fails to earn $5M in potential performance bonuses

Tom Brady may have led the New England Patriots to yet another AFC East title and a bye in the postseason, but betting on himself to perform better from a statistical perspective did not go as planned.

Brady failed to reach the benchmarks set by his contract that had the potential of netting him an additional $5 million in performance bonuses, as noted by Sportac.

As laid out in the tweet, Brady stood to earn a $1 million bonus had he finished in the top-5 in the following categories: passing yards, yards per attempt, touchdown passes, completion percentage, and passer rating.

The nearest Brady got to cracking the NFL’s top-5 in those categories was a seventh-place finish in passing yards and landing in the 10th spot in touchdown passes.

The terms of the performance bonuses were part of Brady’s two-year deal for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

While it may be a disappointment to leave $5 million on the table, it merits noting that Brady’s 2018 base salary was $15 million.

Further, the five-time Super Bowl champ and three-time NFL MVP has earned approximately $212 million in salary alone, which does not take into account his earnings through endorsements and his TB12 company, among other business ventures.

In other words, no one should feel bad for Brady from a financial perspective, and that does not even take into account how wife Gisele Bundchen continues to be among the highest-paid models in the world.