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Eric Weddle to share $1M bonus with Ravens: ‘I’ve got something brewing’

Eric Weddle earned a $1 million bonus thanks to hitting some contract incentives, and the Baltimore Ravens safety intends to share his good fortune with the team.

The 33-year-old standout safety netted the huge payday thanks to being named to the Pro Bowl and the Ravens qualifying for the playoffs in the same season, per the terms of his deal. A team-first guy, Weddle not surprisingly credited those around him for his substantial financial windfall.

“I’ve been thinking about it all week that if it happened, I’m going to do something nice for all my teammates and my coaches because I’m nothing without my team,” Weddle said after the Ravens punched their postseason ticket with Sunday’s 26-24 victory over the Cleveland Browns, via ESPN. “As much as it’s for me and my play, my defense helped me get to where I’m at.”

Now, with $1 million seemingly burning a hole in his pocket, Weddle wants to spread that wealth around, although he’s being coy about his plans.

“You’ll find out,” Weddle said. “Something is in the works.”

While Weddle would not reveal how he plans to pay his bonus forward to Ravens players, coaches and personnel, fellow safety Tony Jefferson joked that a $75,000 payout would suit him just fine.

“Now, we’re going to be in his pockets,” Jefferson said.

Weddle narrowly missed out on landing a $1 million bonus last season when the Ravens lost a Week 17 heartbreaker to the Bengals that eliminated them from the playoffs. That obviously did not occur this season, as the Ravens surged to close out their campaign, winning three straight.

“We had a burning desire to get it done and not to shy away from the moment,” Weddle said. “We prepared for the entire year for this moment.”

It will be fun to see what Weddle does with his $1 million bonus, but perhaps he could use his outrageous post-win ritual as inspiration and throw one ridiculously extravagant ice cream party.