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Matt Patricia provides 626-word reaction to tardiness allegations

Matt Patricia addressed reports that he’s frequently late to meetings during a Friday press conference, and the Detroit Lions head coach’s three-minute, 626-word response certainly was thorough, to say the least.

Patricia’s first season with the Lions has not gone as planned. Heading into Sunday’s season finale against the Green Bay Packers, the 5-10 Lions will finish 2018 with another lost, losing season.

The Lions have made some strides on defense under Patricia, which should be expected given his résumé during his time as defensive coordinator with the New England Patriots.

Still, the notion that a head coach is frequently late to meetings he presumably scheduled himself is a bad look. What follows is how Patricia opened up Friday’s presser in which he attempted to explain the situation, with the balance of his verbose oration available via the Detroit Free-Press.

“I think it’s probably hard from an outside perspective, I would say I don’t really focus on  too much of what’s said outside of the building or somebody that’s not here,” Patricia said. “We have a lot of really good (dialogue), I think I’ve said this before, inside the building and what happens behind closed doors for our team as an organization. There’s a lot of feedback from the players, from the staff and the coaches and everyone’s held accountable, and the great thing about it is we’re all in a situation where we’re all trying to get better in all those areas and we’re all trying to improve them and make sure that we’re operating efficiently.”

Patricia added in his remarks that despite purported evidence to the contrary, the Lions “have a very tight schedule, we run a very structured schedule.” The long-winded comments also included Patricia seemingly splitting hairs, saying tardiness “might be a couple seconds late to something here or there” or “a minute or something that causes a delay.”

Interestingly, Patricia, who often arrives late for his own press conferences as well — one in which he once called out a reporter over his posture — arrived to his 11 a.m. presser Friday on time.