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Magic Johnson: Lakers will ‘be okay’ despite LeBron James injury

Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson is not sweating LeBron James’ groin injury, especially in light of encouraging news that it’s not considered too serious.

“We don’t worry about what people say,” Johnson told a TMZ Sports camera crew Wednesday night. “We’re having a great season, you can’t worry about what people say.

“I’m happy and we’ll be okay.”

James suffered the injury during the Lakers’ 127-101 victory Tuesday over the Golden State Warriors. The initial word was that the injury was not too severe, a prognosis confirmed by an MRI performed Wednesday. Even James was clearly relieved by the news, as evidenced by his subsequent tweet.

James has been listed as day-to-day with what is being diagnosed as only a groin strain, although it merits noting such injuries often can linger. The assumption is the Lakers will exercise extreme caution with the superstar and that James will only return when fully healthy.

Johnson was asked if the Lakers intend to search for reinforcements should James be out longer than anticipated.

“Nope. Nope. Nope,” Johnson said, who was also asked what the plan is going forward sans-James, a least for the immediate future.

“Play hard, play together, play Laker basketball,” Johnson said.

After scuttling a bit at the onset of the season, the Lakers have recently began hitting their stride. Sitting at 20-14, the Lakers currently occupy the four-spot in the loaded Western Conference.

It of course remains to be seen exactly how long the Lakers will be without James, a remarkably durable athlete, not to mention whether his absence will prove to be an insurmountable burden for the team to overcome.

What is clear, though, is that the Lakers will not panic over the setback, so long as Johnson’s comments can be taken at face value.