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Fan to Manny Machado before Phillies meeting: ‘Do the right thing and sign’

Manny Machado’s free agency tour continued Thursday with a meeting in Philadelphia with the Phillies. As the superstar was making an entrance into the meeting at Citizens Bank Park, a fan managed to sneak in a few words, telling Machado, among other things, to “get that money.”

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury captured the exchange, which would not have happened had Machado not stopped to hear what he fan had to say.

“Super Bowl champs,” the fan said in part to Machado, as noted by Crossing Broad. “World Series here. Do the right thing and sign!”

Here’s another look at the interaction between the fan and Machado as the two pose for a photograph together.

Much like it was when Machado paid a visit to the Bronx Wednesday for his meeting with the New York Yankees, the meeting Thursday with the Phillies was greeted with great fanfare and generated a lot of attention, to no surprise.

The Phillies, like the Yankees, even welcomed Machado to their home ballpark with a greeting on the Jumbotron, making sure to include wife Yainee in the message.

It’s unclear at this stage when Machado will ultimately make his decision, much less if there is any timetable for deliberations. Along with Bryce Harper — who already has heard all about the Phillies from one of the team’s star players — Machado is undoubtedly the other big prize still remaining on the free agent market.

Perhaps the fan’s suggestion to Machado that he should sign with the Phillies will have an impact. Although the message to “get that money” already is a certainty. Whether it’s from the Phillies or some other team remains to be seen.